We offer you a selection of activities to do during your holidays in our town. All of them directly related to the territory that surrounds us, and far from the massification of other territories. Human-sized, and so that our companions enjoy fantastic days like us

Tasting oysters and mussels in Sant Carles de la Rapita

Imagine for a moment a leisurely boat trip around the bay, in the company of family and friends, towards a nursery of mussels located in the sea, and which enjoy a delicious tasting mussels and oysters local .. .

No. It is not a dream. In Sant Carles de la Rapita we can delight them with this nice trip about two hours, in which know, first hand, the hidden treasures of the Delta.

This incredible tour swallow, allow them to spot the majestic salt flats of the Trinity, and close to the famous “Punta de la Banya”. Natural bird reserve in the Ebro Delta.

Prices per person are really affordable. 18€/person.

Do not miss this wonderful opportunity to enjoy a unique journey.

Visit to Mon Natura, Ebro Delta Interpretation Center

The Ebro Delta is a very complex and varied ecosystem. Its formation over millennia, its importance as a wetland, its fauna and flora, and the symbiosis between the river and the sea, makes it advisable to spend some time, accompanied by real experts, in order to understand and love it.

The “Món Natura” center, managed by the Catalunya La Pedrera Foundation, offers our visitors facilities in a unique and unique environment: the old salt flats of Sant Antoni, next to the Tancada Lagoon, in the area of Alfacada.

Learn from nature in family.

In this area, you will be able to know one of the most valuable lagoons in the Delta. The visit starts with a visit to the recreation of the old salt pans, to show us the process to follow to harvest the precious “Salt of the Delta”.

Next we will recreate with a delicious audiovisual assembly that allows us to observe the Delta in the different seasons of the year. The visit continues with the visit to the tower, from where we can see, with the help of binoculars already installed, the different birds that surround us. Flamingos, cormorants, herons, and a very long etcetera …

We will know the ancient fishing gear, and we will have a demonstration of hands of experts in the matter.


And then, as the end point of the day, we will teach you to “perch”. This is how the art of sailing with the typical Delta boats, the pontoons, is known in a controlled environment.

We are sure that this is the best starting point to begin to understand this valuable and fragile ecosystem, and to enter, already as experts, to explore our territory.

The price of this activity, which can be booked together at the time of booking your accommodation, is € 10 / adults, and € 5 / children. The activity is done every Saturday and Sunday and starts at 10:30 AM.

¡Visit Tortosa! City of Renaissance


The city of Tortosa is the capital of the Baix Ebre. It is located in the valley of the Ebro River and just highlight its wealth of historical monuments, testimony to its importance for the various civilizations that have coveted especially for the Crown of Aragon.

The city is also episcopal and is an important agricultural, commercial and industrial, and enjoy a great influence in the region.
The visit includes propose rich cultural heritage, such as:
The Suda Castle, now used as a Parador, which is an exceptional viewpoint of the city and the area surrounding it.
Is obliged to visit the Cathedral of Santa Maria de Tortosa construction started 1347 and was consecrated in 1597. It is a good example of late Gothic in Catalonia.

Tortosa, also has many palaces worth visiting, as a result of its importance in the past, such as the Palace of Oliver Botella, Montagut palace, Palacio Episcopal Romanesque (not visitable), Palau Despuig (after the Corder family), s. XV., Oriol Palau, Palau Capmany, House-palace-Abar Aldana, among others.

We offer a guided hand of a professional guide, who will introduce the history of the city, and to enjoy an unforgettable day, where you talk about the Roman Empire, the occupation by the Muslims of stage of the Christian middle Ages, the Renaissance, and the Spanish civil War.

You will be surprised, for sure!

Museum “Escorxador”

Tortosa Museum, housed in the old modernist building known as the Escorxador Museum. (Slaughterhouse, this was its previous use) is a modern facility in which we will walk through the history of a city like Tortosa, through its permanent exhibitions. Sun also host interesting temporary exhibitions of local artists in their pavilions annexes.

Prince’s Gardens

The Prince’s Gardens Tortosa is one of those gems that we know, you’ll want to visit. It is the oldest facilities of a resort surrounded by spectacular gardens, where you will find an exhibition of statues by sculptor Santiago de Santiago. Its facilities, enbolcallades the remains of the walls Tortosa, offer spectacular views of the city.

Sant John Castle

At the end of the gardens, going back about 200 meters and rising, reaching the advanced San Juan. These are the remains of an ancient fortification, visited the magnitude which gives us the measure of importance that had the city of Tortosa in past centuries as the crossroads between Catalonia, Aragon and Valencia.

Suda Castle

Once visited the outpost, before us rises imposing Castle of Zuda, currently in use as a Parador Nacional hotel. Its outdoor gardens, manicured, and the views from its ramparts you have good reasons for it alone to visit their facilities.

Rastro neighborhood: Royal Colleges

We leave the car and go down to the old town via stairs that leads to the Rastro neighborhood. The oldest of the city, where you find treasures for friends of culture. The first finding, the Royal Colleges, currently Municipal Archives preserves gems that tell the history of centuries in Tortosa, through works that are preserved and maintained.

Renaissance Interpretation Centre

Faced with the Royal Colleges, there is the Renaissance Interpretation Centre. A joy to visitors, who talks about the glorious past of the city of Tortosa during the sixteenth century.

On the way to the Cathedral, we find other things worth seeing, such as the Portal del Romeu. Gateway to the city, opposite the imposing cathedral.

Tortosa Cathedral and Cathedral Museum

The Cathedral of Tortosa is building that perhaps best reflects the passage of time and the traces left in this city. His heritage makes his visit inexcusable. The demolition of the block that prevented to see its facade and admire its magnitude, has been a great boost in recent times. A great success undoubtedly the council Tortosa.

Indeed, in this space, excavations are being given the number and importance of the remains found.

The Cathedral for his side hosts the Permanent Exhibition Santa Maria de Tortosa. This exhibition allows us to deepen the knowledge of the city and understand the historical role played by Tortosa and its Territory.

Attached schedules and prices visit the present.

Tortosa Card

If you are interested in visiting and delight with these cultural facilities first class, we recommend the aquisició the Tortosa Card. A pass, valid for two days, providing access to all facilities for the low unit price of € 7. You’ll find it in any of the first detailed abattoir facilities and Prince’s Gardens. Useful!

If you specify accommodation for your stay, we offer our apartments in Sant Carles de la Rapita. In barely 30 Kms. Tortosa, and allows you to make also a unique


Visiting hours of the Cathedral and the Museum of Tortosa

From 01/05 to 13/10 (Exhibition):

Closed Mondays except holidays and holiday eves.

Tuesday to Saturday: 10 to 14: 00h and 16:00 to 19h

Sunday: 11 14h
From 14/10 to 31/04:

Closed Mondays except holidays and holiday eves.

Tuesday to Saturday: 10 to 13: 30h and 16 to 18: 30h.

Sundays and holidays: 11 to 14
Closed on 25 and 26 December and 1 January Ribbon Day (first Sunday in September).

General admission: € 4

Retired, Carnet Jove, large families: € 3

Children (10 to 16 years): 3 €

Groups (minimum 20 people) 2.50 €

Delta-Birding Festival: Annual appointment in the Ebro Delta

During the three days, the facilities of Món Natura, will open its doors to all those who acquire the entrance to the Festival, and will allow them to enjoy a myriad of activities and talks related to the fascinating world of ornithology.

Lots of activities to do enjoy all, small and old.

The practice of the “perxa” (typical navigation of the Delta) and enjoy the only 360º viewpoint of the Ebro Delta are other attractions of the equipment.

Install our free “app” Enrutat

We recommend installing the “Enrutat” app. This mobile application, free of charge, allows you to use the geolocation of the device during its use, to guide you through the different routes in our territory.

Includes the use of audio guides for more information on the places visited.

iPhone users, click here

Android users, click here


Boat rental with and without qualification


Navigating the sea has always been a different and unique experience. Especially for those of us move in “mainland.” Respect for a big and powerful as the sea causes some suspicion at the time to enjoy an experience as unique as this.

Especially considering that surely most of us have no training or qualification allows us to use a motor boat.

Our supplier with many years experience in this sector, has craft, which is not required to have any academic qualifications to be able to use them.

You should also take into account the environment in which to develop this activity. Alfacs Bay is a protected environment where ocean currents and storms, are easily predictable, especially for specialists in the field.

Enjoy an exciting and safe experience.

Enjoy the sea, in a small power boat, and a length (length) make us easy to enjoy a family of unique experiences on our journey to the other side of the bay, and enjoy the beach “Trabucador.”

Do not think twice and be sure. You will not regret!


And remember that, if you need accommodation, you can check price and availability in the attached booking engine, for our holiday accommodation in Sant Carles de la Rapita.


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