Visit to Mon Natura, Ebro Delta Interpretation Center

Visit to Mon Natura, Ebro Delta Interpretation Center

The Ebro Delta is a very complex and varied ecosystem. Its formation over millennia, its importance as a wetland, its fauna and flora, and the symbiosis between the river and the sea, makes it advisable to spend some time, accompanied by real experts, in order to understand and love it.

The «Món Natura» center, managed by the Catalunya La Pedrera Foundation, offers our visitors facilities in a unique and unique environment: the old salt flats of Sant Antoni, next to the Tancada Lagoon, in the area of Alfacada.

Learn from nature in family.

In this area, you will be able to know one of the most valuable lagoons in the Delta. The visit starts with a visit to the recreation of the old salt pans, to show us the process to follow to harvest the precious «Salt of the Delta».

Next we will recreate with a delicious audiovisual assembly that allows us to observe the Delta in the different seasons of the year. The visit continues with the visit to the tower, from where we can see, with the help of binoculars already installed, the different birds that surround us. Flamingos, cormorants, herons, and a very long etcetera …

We will know the ancient fishing gear, and we will have a demonstration of hands of experts in the matter.


And then, as the end point of the day, we will teach you to «perch». This is how the art of sailing with the typical Delta boats, the pontoons, is known in a controlled environment.

We are sure that this is the best starting point to begin to understand this valuable and fragile ecosystem, and to enter, already as experts, to explore our territory.

The price of this activity, which can be booked together at the time of booking your accommodation, is € 10 / adults, and € 5 / children. The activity is done every Saturday and Sunday and starts at 10:30 AM.

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