Apartaments «Pet Friendly»

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Travelling in Ebro Delta River with pets

The arrival of summer and the holidays is always a pleasure for most families.

Disconnect from work and obligations of everyday life, whether far or close to home, is something we all need, but ends up being easier for some than for others, especially if they live with a pet at home.

Anyone who is an animal lover and have a home, he knows that there are many places where pets are not welcome.

This fact means that the organization of the holidays is a more laborious pellet for other customers.

But we consider our pets part of our household, and in no case could go on vacation ourselves without being accompanied.

In Golden Beach Apartments your pet is welcome.

 «Pet Friendly» Apartments

Please bare compliance with certain standards for the experience of traveling with your pet is totally satisfactory for everyone.

We ask that you keep quiet, to prevent the rest of the neighbors are upset, especially at night. Please do not let your pet climb the beds and sofas. Keep in the right state of hygiene and cleanliness. As you know, the rules of use of common areas, prevents us enjoy the company of your pet.

We would bring the subject inside the enclosure. Maybe some other client is afraid, but he would never hurt.

Remember that you are responsible for any damages caused to housing, facilities and environment, as well as extra cleaning, if necessary fosin.

Standards compliance easier for those who love to travel with our pet.

We hope see you all together!