Apartments for rent with pool

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Apartments for rent with swimming pool in Sant Carles de la Rapita

Some people prefer to dive into the sea as a natural, rather than in a pool. Others, however, choose to cool off in the pool. Children, however, have it clear: They prefer swimming in a pool…

Good time to remember that we was children. And they have a lot of fun and in a pool. Surrounded by other children, they play and laugh. All this kept a daily maintained facilities and enjoy our swimming pools dimensions of approximately 200 m2. surface.

We suggest a combination of both activities. Swim in the sea, before returning to the apartment, dip in the pool. Let’s see if we end with the energies of the smallest …

Do not hesitate and book your apartment with pool and the Delta del Ebro and enjoy family.

Do not wait for someone else to explain …



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