The Ebro Delta Natural Park

It is an important aquatic habitat in the western Mediterranean. It is the largest wetland in Catalonia and the destination chosen by 95 nesting species, and a place to hibernate, recover and feed 330 migratory bird species there are 600 throughout Europe.

Throughout the 320 km2 that forms the Ebro Delta, sandy beaches kilometers almost coexist with wild lagoons, rice fields, fruit orchards and creating a landscape of contrasts that surprises at every turn.

The cultivation of rice is spread over most of the surface of the Ebro Delta, occupying more than 85% of total The area cultivated. Fish, shellfish and l’aqüicultura activities are also essential for the contribution of nutrients favors the Ebro River fishing ports sea Ebro. Fishing in the lakes (and Encanyissada Closed) is an ancient activity that uses arts and traditional tools.

Delta cause emotions, stimulate sensations and feelings mobilized. The delta is a place to meet during all seasons. Every day is different and changes in landscapes, colors, vegetation and fauna are constant.

Remember that the Ebro Delta is a fragile area and we must collaborate in its preservation for future generations can also enjoy this magical space.

To maintain this fragile ecosystem for future generations, it is advisable to follow some rules and tips: Collaborate in conservation following the advice and instructions you’ll find anywhere. – You can not do anything that affects the flora, fauna and the environment. Follow the signs, itineraries and areas of access forbidden. Observe and photograph always from the right places. – Do not allow collecting animal or vegetable species or living or dead. L’acampada is only allowed in established campsites or on land provided by the Park of camping. – During the spring, summer and autumn should bring mosquito repellent. – In areas of special interest or protection dogs must be kept on a leash. – Do not throw papers or plastics or cans on the ground.

Our environment we are in love, and we love to share it with you.

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