Visit Ebre River Land

The Ebro River Land. Unforgettable experience

In this amazing video of «les Terres de l’Ebre» know its coast and the mountains of the interior, provided by the ubiquitous vertebrate river Ebro.

Ideal for nature lovers, for beach lovers, and for those who want to discover unique places like the Delta del Ebro destination, the largest wetland in Catalonia and the most important in the Mediterranean region.

You can go biking along the «Via Verda» and bathe in the natural pools that are hidden by the ravines of the interior.

Perfect place for lovers of cultural tourism, which want to get lost in the story as you visit and meet the rich architectural and cultural heritage territory.

Lovers of gastronomy, have in the Terres de l’Ebre the great natural larder of Catalonia and much of Europe. Good wine, oil, rice, fish, seafood, vegetable garden, and typical local products.

Visit us and want to share their experience in Terres de l’Ebre.