Cultural Visit to Tortosa

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Cultural visit to Tortosa.

You will be surprised, for sure!

Museum Escorxador

Tortosa Museum, housed in the old modernist building known as the Escorxador Museum. (Slaughterhouse, this was its previous use) is a modern facility in which we will walk through the history of a bimillenium city like  Tortosa, through its permanent exhibitions. Sun also host interesting temporary exhibitions of local artists in their pavilions annexes.

Prince’s Gardens

The Prince’s Gardens Tortosa is one of those gems that we know, you’ll want to visit. It is the oldest facilities of a resort surrounded by spectacular gardens, where you will find an exhibition of statues by sculptor Santiago de Santiago. Its facilities, enbolcallades the remains of the walls Tortosa, offer spectacular views of the city.

Advanced San Juan or Castle Sant Joan

At the end of the gardens, going back about 200 meters and rising, reaching the advanced San Juan. These are the remains of an ancient fortification, visited the magnitude which gives us the measure of importance that had the city of Tortosa in past centuries as the crossroads between Catalonia, Aragon and Valencia.

Suda Castle

Once visited the outpost, before us rises imposing Castle of Zuda, currently in use as a Parador Nacional hotel. Its outdoor gardens, manicured, and the views from its ramparts you have good reasons for it alone to visit their facilities.

Rastro neighborhood: Royal Colleges

We leave the car and go down to the old town via stairs that leads to the Rastro neighborhood. The oldest of the city, where you find treasures for friends of culture. The first finding, the Royal Colleges, currently Municipal Archives preserves gems that tell the history of centuries in Tortosa, through works that are preserved and maintained.

Renaissance Interpretation Centre

Faced with the Royal Colleges, there is the Renaissance Interpretation Centre. A joy to visitors, who talks about the glorious past of the city of Tortosa during the sixteenth century.

On the way to the Cathedral, we find other things worth seeing, such as the Portal del Romeu. Gateway to the city, opposite the imposing cathedral.

Tortosa Cathedral and Cathedral Museum

The Cathedral of Tortosa is building that perhaps best reflects the passage of time and the traces left in this city. His heritage makes his visit inexcusable. The demolition of the block that prevented to see its facade and admire its magnitude, has been a great boost in recent times. A great success undoubtedly the council Tortosa.

Indeed, in this space, excavations are being given the number and importance of the remains found.

The Cathedral for his side hosts the Permanent Exhibition Santa Maria de Tortosa. This exhibition allows us to deepen the knowledge of the city and understand the historical role played by Tortosa and its Territory.

Attached schedules and prices visit the present.

Tortosa Card

If you are interested in visiting and delight with these cultural facilities first class, we recommend the aquisició the Tortosa Card. A pass, valid for two days, providing access to all facilities for the low unit price of € 7. You’ll find it in any of the first detailed abattoir facilities and Prince’s Gardens. Useful!

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Visiting hours of the Cathedral and the Museum of Tortosa

From 01/05 to 13/10 (Exhibition):

Closed Mondays except holidays and holiday eves.

Tuesday to Saturday: 10 to 14: 00h and 16:00 to 19h

Sunday: 11 14h
From 14/10 to 31/04:

Closed Mondays except holidays and holiday eves.

Tuesday to Saturday: 10 to 13: 30h and 16 to 18: 30h.

Sundays and holidays: 11 to 14
Closed on 25 and 26 December and 1 January Ribbon Day (first Sunday in September).

General admission: € 4

Retired, Carnet Jove, large families: € 3

Children (10 to 16 years): 3 €

Groups (minimum 20 people) 2.50 €